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The Library

The library means so much to me because I love books. It's very big and a fun, magical place to explore. My job as a librarian at Saxon Wood is very important. 

Bella - Student Librarian


At Saxon Wood School we are so fortunate to have a beautiful and spacious library that is designed to meet the needs of all children. We believe that fostering a love of books  enhances literacy skills, improves cognitive development, and promotes lifelong learning and personal growth.

Our library is well-stocked with a wide range of materials catering to different reading levels, learning styles, and interests. Books are available in various formats, such as large print, braille, and audio, to accommodate students with visual impairments. Additionally, there are books written in simplified language or using picture symbols for those with cognitive disabilities.

To create a welcoming and inclusive environment, the library has comfortable seating areas, quiet spaces for concentration, and collaborative workspaces for group projects. The furniture and equipment considers the physical needs of students with mobility challenges, ensuring everyone can access and utilise the library's facilities.

Library Gallery