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Dormouse Class

Welcome to Dormouse Class... in Dormouse Class our motto is "Actually, I can!" and we love to show what we are capable of! We believe it isn't about helping a child find their voice, they already have one - our role is to help them find the right microphone!

We are a class of 10 pupils working within the Saxon Wood Sensory Pathway with a range of profound and complex needs and associated medical conditions. We use a multichannel communication system including (but not limited to) symbols, makaton, hand on body signing, auditory listing, switches, etran frames and eyegaze devices. 

We use a range of positioning equipment including standing frames, corner seats, Acheeva beds, gaiters, walking frames and more to ensure every child stays comfortable and their postural needs are met. Physical needs are an absolute priority in Dormouse Class and all children have a 24 hour postural management programme. The positioning equipment is also used to ensure children are kept comfortable when unwell, for example our fully adjustable Acheeva bed ensures pupils can comfortably take part in activities to the best of their ability regardless as to how they are feeling.

We work closely with the wonderful Special School Nursing Team and have a wonderful relationship with our core Associate Practitioners - and do like to keep them busy!

Our learning priorities centre around Personal, Physical and Communication development with key targets being set in these areas which can be generalised to other subjects such as literacy, art, mathematics and phonics. Our in class sensory equipment such as bubble tubes and projectors definitely make our learning more enjoyable too - with plenty of brain breaks built into the day!

Come and say hello - we'd love to meet you!