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Celebrating the Jewish Festival of Sukkot

Sukkot is a week-long Jewish holiday that comes five days after Yom Kippur. Sukkot celebrates the gathering of the harvest. We celebrate Sukkot by dwelling in a foliage-covered booth (known as a sukkah) and sharing the harvest.

This half-term during RE, the entire school have been learning about thankfulness and the Jewish festival of Sukkot. Over the last few weeks we have been exploring all the things we are thankful for such as our friends, family, school, pets, food, books and toys. We have shared things with our classes and built Sukkahs using Duplo, natural resources and other objects found around school.

All of our learning has culminated in the entire school making treats to share with one another and coming together in Hedgehog class for a big celebration where the children made three sukkahs: the magenta sukkah, the blue sukkah and the green sukkah. 

There was food brought from all classes and shared with everyone in the school to enjoy under one of the sukkahs. Afterwards, some of the children played games and danced and just celebrated coming together as one school.

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